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Moquegua, Peru.


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   Moquegua is a city located on the Southern Peruvian Coast, with a population of 138,000 inhabitants. The climate is dry and warm with sunshine throughout most of the year. The town has a lovely view of the fertile valley it overlooks. Historians report that this town was closely related to the Tiahuanaco and Pucara cultures, belonging to the Lake Titicaca region, up in the highlands, further to the east. Moquegua is traditionally a fruit and wine producer, although now its main activity is mineral mining. It is in a volcanic area, close to Huaynaputina and Tixani mountains. The town has many monuments left by the Spaniards. Moquegua is famed for its varied and tasty sweet products, wines, pisco and cognac.

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  • Click here for the El Mirador HotelEl Mirador.        3.     EDGE OF TOWN.             $ 40.

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