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Manu River shorel line in Peru


Manu WIldlife Lodge exterior, Amazon region, Peru
Manu Wildlife Center in Peru is located east of the Manu River on the north bank of the Madre de Dios River, and reached by a 35-minute plane flight from Cusco, Peru. The Manu Wildlife Center and Lodge  offers the Amazon's finest short, but in-depth, wildlife safari. 
Manu Wildlife Lodge Bungalow exterior
The Manu Wildlife Lodge contains 15 double-occupancy fully screened private bungalows, separate complexes of hot showers and toilets, and a large, fully screened dining room/bar, with hammocks for relaxing.
Manu Wildlife Bungalow interior
Two fixed departure programs are offered, of 04 days/03 nights, or 05 days/04 nights and are as follows:

Early morning our representative will pick you up from your hotel to transfer to Cusco airport.
Tour Code MAN4/3
Day One: A thirty-five minute flight in a radar-equipped twin engine plane takes you to Boca Manu. Here you take a motorized canoe for the 90 minute journey down the Madre de Dios River to Manu Wildlife Center to arrive for lunch. The afternoon will be spent exploring some of the 30 miles of clean forest trails that surround the lodge. On these trails you have an excellent chance to encounter some of the 12 species of monkeys, which include the Monk Saki and Emperor Tamarin, which inhabit the surrounding forest.
After dinner we will leisurely hike for 60-75 minutes through the night to the Amazon's largest known Tapir clay lick. We climb up a 17 foot observation platform perched 17 feet above the lick itself where we wait for the lumbering Tapirs to arrive, then using powerful flashlights we observe and photograph them in action. 

Jaguar relaxing at the Manu Wildlife Center Dear not worried by the Jaguar next to him?
Day Two: Rising before dawn, we take a 25 minute boat journey downstream to the only large parrot and macaw clay live in the Manu area. From a floating catamaran blind we are afforded excellent views and photo opportunities as first hundreds of medium-sized and large parrots, and then the large Red-and-Green Macaws arrive to eat the clay. Please note that the clay lick is not as active in May, June and July. Returning for lunch, the afternoon is spent visiting one of the two oxbow lakes found in the area. These lakes have populations of a variety of water birds, including the prehistoric-looking Hoatzin, and also house Giant Otters.
After dinner back at the Center there will be another opportunity to visit the Tapir clay lick. 

Day Three: Rising at dawn we will explore the forest trails with the emphasis on visiting the fruiting trees which our researchers and native guides have been monitoring. Here we will hope to encounter more monkey species as well as numerous species of birds. Or, we will have an early visit to one or both of the lakes before exploring the forest trails.
After lunch at the Center there will be a further opportunity to explore more of the forest types which can be found in the vicinity of the lodge. Alternatively, some visitors may wish to spend time in special blinds to observe and perhaps to photograph the brilliantly colored dancing birds called manakins. 
After dinner, those particularly determined visitors can once again visit the tapir clay lick.

Day Four (04 days/03 nights program): Rising at dawn you board the motor-canoe for the two hour return trip to the Manu landing strip, from which you fly to Cusco, where your jungle adventure ends. Arrival, reception and transfer to your hotel.

Manu Wildlife preserve Macaws Monkey in Manu Wildlife center of Peru
5 days/4 nights program. Tour codeMAN5/4

Day Five (05 days/04 nights program): Rising early, we board the motorized canoe for a 25 minute journey to the mouth of the Blanco River. Here we transfer to dugout canoes where our native guides will paddle us up this beautiful small tributary of the River Madre de Dios. As we paddle up the river we will look for monkeys feeding in the liana-festooned trees which loom overhead, and will encounter numerous waterbirds including probable sightings of the cumbersome Horned Screamers. Those lucky explores might also meet giant otters, or the smaller southern river otter, swimming upstream on a fishing expedition. 
After lunch at the Center there will be an opportunity to observe life in the forest canopy from one of our 35-metre tree platforms, or to independently explore one of the numerous forest trails.
After supper, those explores still with enough energy will have a chance for a final visit to the Tapir clay lick. 

Day Six: After a dawn breakfast you will board the motor canoe for the two hour return trip to the Manu landing strip, from which you fly to Cusco, where your jungle adventure ends.

Please note that the program may vary slightly so as to maximize your wildlife sightings, depending on the reports of our researchers and native guides based at the lodge. 

Peru Tours Reservation CenterIn addition to our convenient on line reservation form, if you prefer to make a reservation via phone call us we are here to help. Our staff is from Peru and will help you make the best choices for your trip.

MANU WILDLIFE TOUR RATES AND CONDITIONS: are in US$ per passenger in double occupancy, single supplements are listed below. Prices include all meals, and transfers to and from Cuzco, Tour Guides.
  • 4 Day/3 Night- Depart Mondays returns Thursdays, US$1,250 in twin, single supplement $210
  • 5 Day/4 Night-Departs Thursdays returns Mondays, US$1,450 in twin, single supplement $280

  • BOOKINGS & PAYMENTS.-In order to guarantee a reservation a 35% deposit is required at least 90 days and the 65% balance 30 days before arrival. If the reservation is made 180 or more days in advance, the initial deposit might be 10% at moment of booking plus another 25% sent not later than 90 days and the final payment 30 days before arrival. After we confirm the rate and availability to you by email you will be requested to send a cahiers check payable to Inversiones Paso Chico S.A.C. to guarantee your reservation.
  • CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS.- Refund of deposit , less US$ 10 per passenger for handling fees will be made for cancellations notified up to 60 days before arrival, thereafter the refund is less US$ 25 per passenger. No refund will be made for NO SHOWS or cancellations received after expected arrival date. 
  • RESPONSIBILITY. Manu Wildlife Adventures, while exercising every posible precaution, will not assume responsibility for any damages, injuries, losses, additional expenses due to delays or any cause whatsoever, whether to a person or property in connectiion with any service resulting directly or indirectly from acts of God or force majeur. We reserve the right to modify or withdraw any tour arrangements when deemed necesary in the best interest of the client. The right is reserved also to accept, retain or refuse any person.
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