City Tours Of Lima, Peru.

Lima Peru President Palace

The City of Kings is Lima, Peru is its important city and the Capitol of Peru. On the old side of the city, known as Downtown Lima “Lima Centro”, you can visit the colonial Lima, called during the Spanish Colonial period as the City of Kings, its Archaeological sites go back to XVI century, churches and colonial houses are a wonderful view. But Lima has many sides, Pre Inca and Inca ruins, great bargains in local handicrafts, really great restaurants serving both local dishes as well as international fare. Cathedrals that are known for thier beauty around the world.

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Basic City Tour of Lima, 2 days and 1 night
From only $175 Per Person
Day 1: Upon arrival meet and assist, then tranfer to salected hotel for overnihght.
Day 2:Breakfast at the hotel. Departure for a historical and cultural visit to Lima, starting at the historical centre of the city, old capital of the Viceroy of Peru. During there are many points of interest like El Paseo de los Héroes, the Palacio de Justicia, the historical San Martín square, arriving at the Central Square, surrounded by the Government Palace, the Palacio Municipal, the Cathedral and the Palacio Arzobispal. You will enter the Cathedral, where the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro is buried. Then we will take a walk across the historical centre to see the Main Post office, Santo Sunday church where the remains of the two well known saints: Santa Rosa de Lima and San Martín de Porres rest; visit to the old train station of Desamparados, San Francisco church, and park La Muralla, which is where the former wall that surrounded the colonial city stood. Next, a bus will carry us to Torre Tagle palace, the Parque Universitario, and the mansion where the first University in the Americas is located: Universidad de San Marcos. A visit to Lima's San Isidro District follows. In this district is the Pre-Incan site known as “Huaca Huallamarca” and in the district of Miraflores is “Huaca Pucllana”, which has an exclusive restaurant inside the archaeological complex. Continuing towards the peculiar Gaudí style Parque del Beso wiht great vistas of Lima Bay. Last stop will be the Bohemian district of Barranco, where the Puente de los Suspiros will be visited. Return to the hotel. 
End of Tour.
If you would like to add an extra hotel night please contact us for special low rates.

Price  per  Person from  USD  $175  Including  transfers , Tour and 1  Night 4  in a 4 star hotel  with Breakfast  ( Double Room). If you would like to add an extra hotel night please contact us for special low rates

Hotels  options  :  Leon de Oro , Casa  Andina  Posada  del  Inca  or similar.. 

Lima Colonial Spanish house

Lima Peru's Presidential Palace
Lima Cathedral

Lima Peru Soccor Stadium

Lima A La Carte, individual tours you pick from $35 PP
s 3
Lima  City  Tour :
Daily  (4 hours). Except Sundays. 9:00 hrs-14:00 hrs
Pick-up from hotel to visit historical and cultural places on your way to Lima Historical Center, the old side of the city, the capital of the Peruvian viceroy. During the course of our tour we will enjoy the view of the Monuments to the Heros (El Paseo de los Héroes), Palace of Justice (El Palacio de Justicia), Historical Square  of San Martín, then on to the Main  Square, surrounded by Presidential and Municipal Palaces, the Cathedral and Archbishop Palace. At the cathedral see the remains of Spanish Conqueror Francisco Pizarro. Then we will walk along the Historical Center and visit the Central Post Office, Church of Santo Domingo, a place where we will be able to see the remains of the two major Saints of Peru, Santa Rosa de Lima and San Martín de Porres, the old Desamparados train station, Church of San Francisco and, Park of the Wall, to have a view of the old wall surrounding colonial Lima. Next, a sightseeing tour around the city to see the Torre Tagle Palace, Pak Universitario, The Old House of San Marcos University, the oldest university in America. Next stop is the residential district of San Isidro, where the pre-inca shrine of “Huaca Huallamarca” and to Miraflores where another shrine is located. At “Huaca Pucllana”,  there is an exclusive first-class restaurant, just inside this archeological complex .Our final stop will be a ride to the “Kiss Park” (Parque del Beso) built in a peculiar Gaudí and where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Lima Bay. We will continue to Barranco, a bohemian neighborhood in Lima, and check the so-called Bridge of Breadths (Puente de los Suspiros). Back to the Hotel.
Price  per  Person from USD  $28. 
Daily (5 hours). Except Sundays. 08:30 hrs – 13:30 hrs
We will visit this place privately to be able to absorb the religious spirit kept by the city of Lima from colonial times. We will visit Lima’s Cathedral, Church of San Francisco and catacombs and the Convent of Santo Domingo, Sanctuary of Saint Rose of Lima (Santa Rosa de Lima) and the Church of San Pedro. Then on, we will go to a tour to Salaverry Avenue to see the wall commemorating the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1982. We will go by the Papal Nuncio. During this sightseeing tour, we will also go by the Presidential and Municipal Palaces and the old train station called Desamparados.
Price  per  Person from USD $45. 
Daily (3 hours). 10:00 hrs- 14:30 Hrs
We will visit the Archeology and Anthropology Museum, which will offer you a great opportunity to get familiar with the history of the pre-Inca cultures that populated Old Peru. We will see the archeological rests of  cultures such as Chimú, Mochica and Virú in  the North of Peru; Chavín in the Center area; and Paracas and Nazca in  the South and some others that subsequently became part of the Inca’s empire. Clay pots, textile looms, mummies, monoliths, metals and utensils are shown in a didactic way and in chronological order to make you go back in history.
Price  per  Person from USD  $50. 
LIM 4 
Daily (3 Hours). 10:00 hrs- 14:30 Hrs
Surrounded by beautiful gardens, located in a colonial residence built in the 18th century. It was built on a single pyramid going back to the 8th century. Its jewel collection is the largest and finest of Pre-Colombian America. Gold jewels of Museum Larco have been showed in the major museums around the world since they are the pieces most widely photographed and appearing in most literature of the Gold in Old Peru. The quality information provides visitants with a good understanding of the function of such pieces at their related time. The Gold collection, the wonderful colonial house, built on a pre-Colombian pyramid and the famous collection of erotic “huacos” (human-like figures) make of Museum Larco one of the best tourist attractions in Peru and an icon to be remember around the world.
Price  per  Person from USD  $35. 
Daily (3 Hours). Except  Monday. 09:30 Hrs-14:30 Hrs
The Sacred Temple of Pachacamac, an old oracle of the Ishtma culture, located at 30 km south Lima and which was subsequently owned by the Incas, who built up the Temple of the Sun, the Acllahuasi, Taurichumbi Palace, Pilgrims Square, among other constructions in this archeological complex. Major pyramids comprising the old religious, pilgrimage and knowledge-sharing complex may still be seen.
Price  per  Person from USD  $39 .
Daily (3 Hours). 14:30 hrs
Visit to the private collection of Señor Mujica Gallo, who during his life, work for recovering and preserving the history heritage of Peru, principally regarding the cultures that populated the northern part of Peru. It founded “Gold Museum of Perú” (Museo de  Oro del Perú) which currently keeps over 2,000 gold, silver and bronze pieces, belonging to culture Mochica, Chimú e Inca cultures. Among major  items are nose devices (narigueras), religious pots  and utensils as well as some mummies. It also has a room where Inca-time looms as well as Paracas culture looms, and ceramic work and some clothing are shown. Other eye-catching collection is the “World Weapons Collection” ('Armas del Mundo') considered one of the best of its kind since it comprises weapon items of major figures of history.
Price  per  Person from USD  $58. 
Daily (3 Hours). 10:00 Hrs
Transfer to Port of Callao to get on board of our boat to Islands Palomino, a natural refuge of birds and sea; on our way we will see the Port inlet and the Fortress of Real Felipe, a unique construction along the cost of the Pacific Ocean and where the last independence battle was fought. A view of islands  El Frontón (an old prison) and Cabinzas. Once we get to these islands, you will experience a real contact with nature by getting real close to (a few feet away from) see lions.
Price  per  Person from USD  48 
Daily (2 Hours). 10:30 Hrs-14:30Hrs
A visit to major artisan centers of the Lima area to admire the artwork of local artisans and handicraftsmen. We will find the best Peruvian silver filigree, rugs and clothing made of the finest Peruvian alpaca wool.
Price  per  Person from USD 45 
Lima Central Cathedral

Rosa Nautica Restaurant on the Ocean in Lima, Peru

Colonial Lima Archecture

Lima Spanish Colonial Cathedral

Lima, San Isidro ocean View and beach

Lima Peru Spanish Church at night

Lima Artesan Craft Market

Lima Peru catacombs mummy

Interior of church in Lima Peru

Rosa Nautica restaurant in Mira Flores district of Lima, Peru

San Isidro Park in Lima Peru