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  • We are travel professionals in Peru, and Internationally, committed to your complete satisfaction, not the hotels' profits. We are committed to service to you, our passenger. 
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  • We know in many cases our passengers are traveling to Peru for the first time, and perhaps do not speak Spanish very well or are a bit intimidated by going to Peru for the first time. We have our own office in Peru that you can contact when you are there and can assist with any problems. You would be very hard pressed to call one of the world wide hotel sites with a problem when you are actually in Peru, with them you are on your own. 
  • When you request a reservation we actually make your reservation with the hotel in real time and negotiate the best price possible for your reservation. We have found relying on automated systems, while faster and cheaper for us to use, ended up too many times with "lost" reservations or changed rates when our passengers arrived at the hotel. That is unaccepable to you and us. Using us we GUARANTEE your reservation and the rate confirmed. 
  •  An inconvenience with our system is we do not give you an instant confirmation. We actually contact the hotel on your behalf and demand in writing from the hotel the rate and availability. This is in your interest, so we appreciate your patience because it may take a day or two to confirm your hotel reservation, but it is a real reservation, confirmed to us in writing, not one from a bulk allotment or automated reservations system profile that the hotel may or may not honor when you arrive.
  • Because we do have an office in Peru, run by Peruvians in co-ordination with us in the United States Division, we know the country and its hotels. We do not rely just on what the hotels say they are, we know them. We have been in business since 1998. We are not a quick start Internet company that will not be there when you need us, our longevity is an endorsement from our passengers that we are providing the level of service they deserve and rightfully demand and so can you. We have made over 30,000 reservations for Peru, and each and everyone is important to us. Our staff is of knowledgeable and are professional people in South American Travel.  
  • Passenger Comments
    Passenger email addresses have been withheld to protect their confidentiality

    Dear Denise, I want to thank you for the wonderful trip you planned for  us.  Everything went off without a hitch and our drivers were all on time and delightful.  We had a wonderful time in Peru, and we are anxious to go back to South America on our next trip.  If we know anyone planning to go to Peru we will certainly recommend you and your company as you did a fantastic job. The hotels were great, and in good locations, close to everything we needed to get to.  The one is Cusco was a stones throw from the square where all the action was.  We all had a bit of altitude sickness the first two days we were in Cusco, but we eventually got  used to it and just carried on. Once again thank you for everything.

    We were very pleased with Hostal Victor which you booked for us in Lima.  It is convenient to the airport, clean, and run by nice people.  We recommend it highly.
    Doyice & Mary Cotten

    This is a quick email to inform you of the excellent service and over the top help we received while staying at The Torre Dorada Residential Hotel in Cuzco Peru.
    Peggy and her brother Oscar went out of their way to make our stay a very pleasant and cost effective one. They supplied very helpful information on costs and the places to visit with free transport to and from the city centre day or night. During our stay my wife and I both suffered from altitude sickness and Peggy and Oscar looked after us as if we were family Peggy helped us change our tour plans and make new ones when we were well enough to travel again, I canít say enough to thank them, so I would recommend this hotel to anyone planning a visit to Cusco, the Secret Valley or Machu Picchu.

    Thank you for all your help in organizing our Peru trip. If I am not
    mistaken, you assisted in organizing our transportation to and from MachuPicchu (including train ride, bus, and entrance fee) and also the one night stay at Gringo Bills. 
    Thanks so much again for your time. We had a wonderful trip in Peru and I will be sure to recommend your company to any future travellers.
    Joyce CHang

    I wanted you to know that this trip went very well and we enjoyed it very much.  Thank you for your help with it.  Two things in particular were outstanding.  1) The Country Club Lima Hotel was absolutely outstanding and they treated us like family, especially at the concierge desk.  Edwin Cosio in Cusco also treated us very, very well and made it possible for us to see a great deal in the short time we had there.
    Thank you again.
    John Vance

    Dear Mr. DeBakey,
    Just few words to thank you and inform that everythink was great without any problem. We all enjoyed our trip in Peru and would like to thank for your cooperation. I also would like to confirm that Mr Edwin Cosio n Walter Oblea did great job and we appreciated your suggestion.
    I surelly will suggest yr company to anyone that will ask me about Peru.
    Thanks again and best regards
    Mario Righi

    I want to thank all of you for the wonderful job that you did to find and confirm reservations for me in both Cusco and Machu Picchu.
    Lourdes and Dianna ??? were both professional and courteous on the phone and always answered my calls and returned my e-mails.
    I have sent a short note to the travel guide books below explaining the courteous and professional help that you provided to me.
    Lonely Planet.
    I will absolutely pass on your company name and website to fellow travelers heading to Peru.
    Thank you!!
    Brian Eaton.

    We have returned from our trip to Peru and I want to thank you for your help with the reservations, etc.Especially, I want to tell you how great Edwin Cosio Ch. was. He arranged all our transportation and even negotiated our return from the airport the day of the strike, not an easy task. I highly recommend him for any future jobs you might have.
    Georgia de Havenon

    I meant to phone you when I was in Lima, but I was so busy walking around and of course, shopping!  Everything went very smoothly and thank you so much for all your arrangements!  The beach hotel Las Arenas de Mancora was very beautiful and I am glad you suggested this place.  The only thing I didn't like was the restaurant - very expensive and poor choice of food -but I found many other good places to eat down the beach at other hotels.Funny story - I meet a couple at Last Arenas, the only other people from North America, who were from my home town Victoria!!  And when I was in a restaurant at another hotel down the beach I meet a man who lives in Victoria!  Small world!!
    This was the first time I have used the web to make any reservations and I am so pleased at how good it turned out!
    Leslie Palmer

    Hi Bev, Our apologies in not having written earlier to thank you for arranging a wonderful trip! Really, everything went perfectly. The travel connections, the hotels and especially our tour guide Edwin Cosio from Kpulli. We believe that you could actually package our trip, leaving, possibly two days in Lima as a wrap-up. 
    The thu flight from Lima to Cuzco early Saturday morning, although long, was not as stressful as we had thought. We were met by Edwin, taken to the Picoaga Hotel (which was most satisfactory), reviewed tour options (the pricing for all arrangements was most reasonable) and our timetable with Edwin, committed to a tour in and around Cuzco in the afternoon and took a short nap. We were up for lunch, walked around the Plaza de Armas and met our tour guide for a really nice four hour treck through Cuzco, the fortress Sacsayhuaman and the "Virgin Baths" of Tambomachay. (Note: Edwin purchased our Boletos Turisticos - saving us thtrouble and he did not mark them up and Edwin stored out "dress bags" in his office for the duration of our trip to the Sacred Valley).Sunday morning Edwin drove us to Pisac for the market - a worthwhile trip but we did not have time to dine on guinea pig. Sunday afternoon we were on our own in Cuzco and had a nice time just doing the sites (Brian had a great massage for $ 15.00). Early Monday morning Edwin took us to the train and we were off to Machu Picchu. Note: the train was quite cool - even with the blankets provided. The hotel Gringo Bill's in Aguas Calientas was fine - but avoid the rooms near the reception desk! There are some really good restaurants in Aguas Calientas. We had a great guide for a half day in Machu Picchu - arranged by Edwin, and valued free time there as well. On the second day of our visit to Machu Picchu we did Taoist Tai Chi and Mark and Jeanette climbed Huana Picchu!
    The train ride to Ollantaytambo was beautiful and the hotel there, Pakaritampu (two blocks from the train station) is super. Ollantaytambo is really worth a visit with its majestic ruins and the town is an original Inca village.The drive back to Cuzco was spectacular - probably far more beautiful than what one could see from the train. Sr. Edwin Cosio deserved very special recognition for all that he arranged and did to make our visit so pleasant.
    As to Lima - the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the reception - Beyond belief, a wonder. Our return connections worked like a charm and we actually caught an earlier bus to Portland.
    Bev, again our thanks for making this such a special trip! If we can provide and additional information, please let us know.
    Sincerely,  Fritz & Brian

    Dear Denisse,
     Just wanted to say thanks for all your work on our behalf.  Our trip to 
     Peru was amazing and we look forward to returning.  All the arrangements 
     you made were great and we so appreciate your efforts.  Even the New 
     Year's eve celebration at the Sheraton was a blast!  Hope you have a great 
     new year.

    Dearest Denisse,
    We are just back in Norway after a FANTASTIC trip in Peru! What a 
    beautiful country you have!! We enjoyed every single moment. People were 
    so warm and welcoming, we have never experienced anything like it!
    Thank you so very much for all you did for us, Denisse. Every booking 
    worked out and we had no problems. I will recomend you to everybody going 
    to Peru.
     I hope we in the future will be able to go back to Peru and see more of 
     your wonderful country.
     Thank you so much, Denisse!
     Warm regards from Anett:-)

    Dear Denisse,
    Thanks to your staff at, our trip to Peru is all set. I would especially like to express my gratitude to Denisse Slade in your Peru Hotels office for her time and efforts on behalf of myself, my spouse, and our friends Richard and Vera Goodwin.  I will recommend to anyone traveling to Peru. 
    Thank you and best regards,

    Hi to both of you,
    We wanted to thank you and let you know how our trip to Peru was.  First, all the transfers you had arranged for us were perfect.  The El Condado was also very nice and the Libertador was excellent.  The Melodia was only OK and we now understand there is a Ramada at the Lima airport.
    Your MachuPicchu premium tour package worked out very well and Edwin was very accommodating.  The only concern we had was on the Sacred Valley tour.  The guide that Edwin used, Leo, was not satisfactory.  The guide that he recommended for us at MachuPicchu, Armando, was very good.
    Some suggestions for other travelers: On the MachuPicchu package you should indicate that admission to the citadel is only for one day.  You may also want to give people the option of leaving the train early and taking the bus to Plaza de Armas on the return trip.

    Once again thanks for your assistance with all the arrangements.  Overall the trip was a very good value for the money.

    Peru Hotel and Resort rates are a range and actual rates may vary, the rate that we negotiate for you may be lower. The hotel room rate we give you by return e-mail is GUARANTEED. All rates are subject to change without notice.
    Reservations are handled by Viajes Pacificos  and  LatinTrip, Inc. fully licensed and accredited travel providers in  Peru and  in The United States, State of Florida, Seller of travel License #ST35323 located at 13876 SW 56 Street, #234, Miami, Florida 33175, toll free from the USA or Canada 1-800-811- 3077 from other countries call 1-786-272-9768 (in the USA), fax 1-786-312-1640, address in Lima:  Av  La Mar 163, Miraflores, Lima 18, Peru.  Phone in Peru is 51 (country code Peru), 1 (city code Lima), 705-9431. Email us at Reservations at Peru Hotels The reservation center is open 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM East Coast USA Time, Mon to Fri, 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM Saturdays.

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