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Peru-hotels is a bit different than other sites. We assume you have already picked Peru as your destination be it for business or pleasure so the tourism information we provide is limited. There are plenty of sites on the internet with all you want to know about its history and culture. We provide links to those for your use. Click here for those links. What we want to do is give you information that will help you in your day to day wanderings around Peru, so you will enjoy your stay and stay away from trouble. 
Information For Travelers 
No wonder Peru is a poor country, all the Incas left it were ruins! Seriously, there is a lot more to Peru than mysterious past civilizations and what they left behind. Although Peru's past and the archeology sites are a great reason to go, Peru has perhaps the most varied geography in South America. It has the jungles of the Amazon to some of the highest mountains in the Western Hemisphere. Some good beaches and some pretty fantastic archeology provide a lot of reasons to visit Peru. 
Peru is in the Southern Hemisphere, with reversed seasons from the USA, although they really don't have the extremes we have. There is no one perfect time to see all of Peru, but February and March are a good choice. The rainy season is June-September in Lima (humidity can be as high as 98% during this time) and November-March in the mountains. In the Amazon area it's your typical Jungle out there , hot, humid and hot and humid some more. A rule when traveling, anywhere, anytime, no matter what else you take, take a swimming suit and a sweater. May to November is cloudy and foggy in Lima, but it rarely rains.
Good Things to Know
  • Visas: With the exception of New Zealanders and Spaniards most travelers do not need visas. 
  • Time: GMT/UTC (Zulu) minus 5 hours 
  • Electricity: 220V, 60Hz (bring a transformer or you'll turn your 110 volt hairdryer into a flame thrower) 
  • Unit of Measure: Metric, while a kilometer is much less than a mile a kilogram is much more than a pound. 
  • Medical Considerations: In some areas there are sporadic outbreaks of cholera, hepatitis, malaria (in the lowlands), rabies and typhoid. Get a yellow fever shot if you plan to go to the eastern slopes of the Andes or the Amazon Basin. 
  • Don't drink the tap water! Get bottled water, it will cut down on your trips to the bathroom or worse. Water with gas (con gas or agua mineral) is preferable just so you'll know the bottle was not filled from some questionable source. An added plus, the noise in your mouth when you use it to brush your teeth will insure you are awake in the morning. 
  • Bills and tipping: An 18% tax is added to most bills and sometimes they will slide service charges into the bills at restaurants on top of the tax. 5% is the accepted tip, but cab drivers are generally not tipped. 
  • Currency: Nuevo (New) Sol, the exchange rate is fairly stable currently 3.5 sols to 1 U.S. Dollar.
  • Costs: Lima and Cuzco are the most expensive cities in the country. If you're on a tight budget, you can (but I wouldn't) scrape by on around $30 US per day, but for staying in decent hotels and dining in restaurants $50 US is more like it. 
  • Exchange: US Currency is readily changed at banks, exchange houses or hotels. Other currencies can be changed at banks. There is no "black market" so you really don't save anything by changing with street changers, in fact they might cheat you. Major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and Amex are generally accepted as are travelers checks. 
  • Transportation
    Air: Lima's international airport, Jorge Chavez, is the main airport for flights to and from Lima both international and domestic. There is a departure tax of approximately US$25 on international flights and $4 on domestic. LAN Peru, Aero Continente, TANS, and Aerocondor are the main domestic carriers, with flights to most destinations in Peru. There's an 18% tax on domestic flights, but you can avoid most of this if you buy tickets abroad. 
    Buses: Buses are the usual mode of transport over long distances. They are cheap, frequent and relatively comfortable. Always carry your passport because you will need to show it to local police from time to time. Local buses are slow, cheap and crowded; when you want to get off don't look for a bus stop just yell out (before you jump make sure the bus is stopped). 
    Taxis:Taxi fares need to be bargained, get an estimate before you ride, the cabs are not metered. 
    Rail: The Central Railroad, the world's highest railroad, goes from Lima to La Oroya, where it branches north and south. The northbound line goes to Cerro de Pasco and the southbound to Huancayo. The Southern Railroad also runs between Arequipa to Lake Titicaca and Cuzco. Services are cheap, fairly comfortable, but not particularly safe. Fall asleep in the second-class part of a night train and you could be robbed.
    Shopping: There are a lot of handicraft markets in Peru and bargaining is expected and almost an art. Here is where you will find some really incredible silver jewelry and rugs of Alpaca, not to mention sweaters, pottery and copper items. There is even gold, undoubtedly overlooked by Pizarro. 
    Peru like many countries these days it has its share of pickpockets and thieves. Common sense needs to be your guide. Be alert for pickpockets and common thieves. Don't allow yourself to be distracted by the action around you. Many will stage a fight or accident, for so they can make their move when you're focused on something else like your money. Don't carry lots of cash, don't travel alone, don't wear flashy jewelry, don't leave valuables in plain sight and don't travel off the beaten track unless you know it's a safe area. For daily purchases, have some small denomination bills handy in a wallet carried in an inside Pocket so you don't have to flash a lot of money when searching for them. Do keep your eye on your baggage. Don't go out alone if you're a woman. Unescorted women are seen as available and become targets of unwanted attention and actions. The best defense is to ignore all advances or comments.

    Hotel rates

    The hotel rates that we post are the best and most current we have. But becuse hotels change rates and do not notify us or there is a change in money exchange rates the rate we send to you may be different. That is because we contact the hotel directly with your specific request and demand that the hotel answers us directly in writing. So we can be confident that the rate we send you is true and as an adjunct when you get our voucher if you approve the charge. 

    We work for you, our passenger, not the hotel. That is why we have an office in Peru at your service  and a US reservation center. Please call us at the contacts below. They are not in Bangladesh or some other out surce, and their only job is to serve you. They are not rewarded for the amont of sales they produce but by service to people like you. 

    Our rates and issued vouchers DO NOT INCLUDE IVA TAX. Why? Foreign nationals ( non Peru citizens) do not have to pay that tax. Our Peruvian citizen customers will be charged this tax by the hotel. 

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